Forward Thinking Services

Rosa Cleaning Services is a modern, forward thinking, professional cleaning company that delivers bespoke, high-end cleaning and housekeeping services to our valued residential and commercial clients.

We provide three different types of cleaning services which we tailor to suit each individual cleaning requirements. We are known throughout the residential and commercial industry for our more frequent and regular services which depending on client needs may be daily, weekly or fortnightly.

In 2018 we merged with Dirty Cows LTD, the pioneer of ‘Gift Package Cleans’. With crafted unique selection of gift cleaning services for a range of special occasions and celebrations. The merge has brought on a new market offering professional one-off cleans of superior quality to the residential market.

Our expansion and rapid growth are largely dependent on our reputation of premium service; and our roots of a local family run business proud of continuously recruiting amazing individuals and providing a personal service to both the residential and commercial markets.

Our Local Cleaners and housekeepers are carefully chosen and fully trained with our industry leading methods. We continuously carry out quality checks and provide follow-up training to each cleaner and housekeeper to ensure quality consistency as well as to provide support to all of our staff where needed.

Working with us, our cleaners, housekeepers, and even contractors, means having a fully in-house managed cleaning services provider to look after your home, office, and buildings.

Residential Services

Are you looking for a trusted cleaning and housekeeping Service? With thousands of clients homes cleaned and maintained by us, we understand that every home has its unique set of cleaning and housekeeping requirements.

Our clients come to us for a high-end, premium, and reliable first class service with a team they can trust.

We offer a fully managed, bespoke cleaning service tailored to your precise cleaning requirements.

Commercial Services

Our commercial cleaning services have been well received and recommended abundantly by our clients throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, and Surrey. We apply a personal touch in the services we provide our commercial clients, making sure we provide a high quality service, we prepare working areas just as preferred by our clients, and we focus not just on cleaning but on how fresh it feels once walking in to each room.

Package Cleaning

Dirty Cows have pioneered the ‘Gift Package Clean’ and crafted a unique selection of gift cleans for a range of celebrations and special occasions. Taking away the chore of cleaning makes a unique and thoughtful gift for friends and relatives, or even yourself.

Give someone a well-deserved treat on a certain special occasion.