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Rosa Cleaning Services is a modern, forward thinking, professional cleaning company that delivers bespoke, high-end cleaning and housekeeping services to our valued residential and commercial clients throughout the Essex, Hertfordshire, and the Surrey area.

We provide three different types of cleaning services which we tailor to suit each individual cleaning requirements. We are known throughout the residential and commercial industry for our more frequent services which depending on client needs may be daily, weekly or fortnightly.

We have recently merged with Dirty Cows LTD which is the pioneer of the ‘Gift Package Clean’ and have spent many years crafting a unique selection of gift cleaning services for a range of special occasions and celebrations. The merge has brought on a new market offering professional one-off cleans of superior quality to the residential market.

Although our expansion and rapid growth because of our reputation of premium service, our roots still remain the same as a local family run business proud of continuously recruiting amazing individuals and providing a personal service to both the residential and commercial industry.

Residential Cleaning

Are you looking for a weekly or Fortnightly cleaner that you can trust?

Residential Cleaning

Designed to meet the needs of clients who seek a trusted person to take care of their cleaning tasks.

Housekeeping Service

Are you looking for a housekeeper you can count on?

Housekeeping Service

Designed to meet the needs of clients who seek a trusted person to take care of their homes.

Package Cleans

A High-End Cleaning Service for a Special One-off Occasion.

'Dirty Cows' Package

A Cleaning Service designed for special one-off occasions.

Commercial Cleaning

Designed to provide a clean working environment to commercial clients.

Commercial Cleaning

Designed to provide high quality cleaning maintenance to commercial clients.

Our Guarantee

We approach all jobs with the same personal, high quality customer care and we are attentive to clientsʼ concerns for ethical and environmental products and practices.

The first-class service we deliver to our clients is maintained through the use of staff and contractors that we choose carefully and spend time with training, and monitoring. You can count on the reliability of our chosen cleaners as well as our ability to supply a fast response to any changes in our customersʼ requirements. We invest in people and formally recognise the contribution they make as a team to the development and success of the company.

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Our Core Values

Rosa Cleaning Services is the fastest growing Cleaning Services provider in the area of Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey. We believe that the secret to our growth and business success is achieved by our values.