Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?2018-10-27T18:23:53+00:00

Upon receiving your invoice via email, you can choose to pay online, by bank transfer, standing order or over the phone. We accept all major debit and credit cards and we are also able to set-up an automated payment for ease of payment.

What is covered in the cleaning service?2018-10-27T17:42:53+00:00

Our team usually starts with the bathrooms, and then move on to tidying up, dusting, hoovering, getting to underneath and behind furniture and ornaments. We cover the woodwork such as window sills, doors, skirting boards, etc.. We are also able to clean the inside windows. The more time our team has, the more thorough they can be. Our team has trained eyes that help to spot areas and tasks that require cleaning. We aim to maintain each home as clean as possible.

We are also able to carry out housekeeping tasks such as changing beds, ironing, and laundry.

What if my cleaning schedule falls on a bank holiday?2018-10-27T17:54:45+00:00

We not currently work bank holidays. Should your clean fall on a bank holiday week, we usually skip the service to your next scheduled appointment. If you wish for an alternative day, simply ask our helpful office team to check availability.

What hours do you provide your cleaning services?2018-10-27T18:18:41+00:00

Our cleaning hours vary to suit each clients needs. This can be flexible and can be planned to match client requirements.

What cleaning packages are available?2018-10-27T18:12:20+00:00

We offer two different services to our clients. These are:

1. The assignment of one of our in-house team. We create a bespoke, tailored home profile which will assist in the efficiency of your service. We then aim to assign you one main person from our team. During holidays or emergencies we will work with you so that one of our other colleagues can cover the service at a time and day that suits you. The home profile will ensure consistency between changes. We also make sure periodical Quality checks are carried out to make sure the standards of clean are consistent.

Please note all staff are fully insured, DBS checked, and referenced.

2. We understand having your home professionally cleaned is an investment. This is the reason we offer our clients a second type of service which is more affordable. This is achieved by working with carefully chosen contractors who we find, background check, and insure to provide you with a great service.

Whichever option above suits you best, we are able to ensure that using us to manage your cleaning service guarantees the highest quality.

Is there a minimum amount of hours per visit?2018-10-27T17:58:23+00:00

We ask for each visit to be a minimum of 2 hours.

Is there a contract?2018-10-27T18:21:25+00:00

Our contracts are purely for the understanding of our T&Cs. Our clients are not tied up to any minimum amount of time. Although we usually require 4 weeks notice for cancellation of services, we do make allowances depending on each circumstance.

Cleaning Products & Equipment2018-10-27T17:46:03+00:00

We do ask all of our residential clients to provide their own cleaning products and equipment. We are however able to purchase the cleaning products on the clients behalf if required.

Reason we do not provide our own equipment is to avoid cross contamination from hoovers and mops as well as dusters from home to home. It is known that such equipment can spread germs from home to home which can affect in particular pets.

Can I give you my key?2018-10-27T17:37:27+00:00

Unfortunately we do not take keys, we have back-up service providers and we want to make sure that you do not miss a clean, if for any reason your regular cleaner is away or sick then we would struggle to gain access to your property. You can leave a key in a safe place, in a storage box or you can be in to let the cleaners in.

Are all providers background checked?2018-10-27T18:45:39+00:00

We take great pride in our team. We are finalists in Lloyds Employer of the Year 2016 (Dirty Cows LTD) and understand the importance in getting recruitment right.

All of our staff are DBS checked, referenced, and professionally trained.

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